Resting your feet on the Aussie Squatter whilst sitting on the toilet brings your legs up to a squatting position, allowing the colon to straighten out and the puborectalis muscle to relax. Bowel movements are achieved easily, without the need to strain, thus assisting in warding off haemorrhoids, pelvic floor weakness and many more digestive issues.


Recommended by doctors and health practitioners.


Users experience easier, much quicker and more complete emptying of the bowels resulting in improved health, greater comfort and ultimately more energy.

The Aussie Squatter is easy to use, and highly effective in aligning the colon for effortless elimination. It aids a comfortable squat position, and helps ease toilet-related ailments.


Strong and weight bearing. Very easy to assemble - no screws or nails. Comes apart easily for ease of travelling. Once assembled the Aussie squatter sits neatly around the base of the toilet ready to move into position when in use. Requires paint/lacquer seal coat.


Dimensions: 53cm wide x 35cm deep x 21cm high


Eco-friendly. Handcrafted in Australia


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Aussie Squatter - EcoPly Unsealed