- clear Quartz point (energy amplifying)

- sodalite chips (harmonising & soothing)

- pyrite (abundance, wealth & prosperity)

- black tourmaline (grounding & protective)

- brass, alum & copper metal

- tuned to the higher heart love frequency for healing & healthy energy

- harmonises up to 25 metres

Orgonite is a result of a product made of skin safe resin, metals & various crystals, mainly clear quartz.

Earlier this century, Dr. Reich found that organic materials attract and hold orgone energy, while non-organic metals simultaneously attract & repel the energy.

As the resin cures, it tightens around the crystals & metal sending out a healthy energy change, creating piezo effect, which is good for health. When worn as a necklace, it will protect the thymus area as this is where we produce important T cells to fight infection.

Orgone energy balances and harmonises bad energy caused from WIFI, computers, power lines, EMF radiation, geographic stress, mobile phone emissions, radio frequencies, psychic & paranormal activities & stagnant energy.

Clear Quartz is a ‘master crystal’ and its properties help with blockages, concentration and unlocks memory. All of my pieces age been made in WA with love and intention and have been tuned up in my Tibetan singing bowl which vibrates to the heart frequency.

Made with love by Jane from Elemental Earth

Blue & Silver Orgonite Pyramid