By Vanessa Kelly, Yoga Teacher

A boxed deck of 20 affirmation cards to inspire, uplift and fill up the cups of children of all ages.

Each pack contains 18 super cute affirmation cards and 2 instruction cards. Packaged in a fold out box these quality 90x120mm cards can be used at home, in the classroom or yoga studio.

Designed with love, printed with care for the environment.


When you feel thirsty you get a cup, and fill it up with water. Then you drink the water and the cup is empty.

Well, just like you fill up your body with water to stay healthy. You also need to be filled up with love, kindness and respect to stay happy and healthy in your mind.

Imagine we carry around a cup inside us. When this imaginary cup is full we feel loved, safe and happy. Just like we need to keep filling our water cup and drinking all day we also need to keep filling our imaginary cup.

When other people are kind and loving to us, it fills our imaginary cup. You can also fill the cup by being kind and loving to yourself. Saying positive things about yourself will help fill your cup. These are called AFFIRMATIONS. The affirmations on these cards will help you fill your imaginary cup, that's why they're called cup filling cards.



Pick your card. You can look through the cards and pick one or shuffle them, spread them out face down and pick one.


Look at the card and think about the affirmation. Say the affirmation out loud. Notice how you feel after you say it. Talk, ask questions and share your thoughts about the card with someone, like a friend, sibling or a grown up.


Do you believe what the card says about you? You might not feel so straight away. Think of all the ways that it is already true. Also think about some ways you can be more like this affirmation today. Say your affirmation to yourself as many times as you can for the rest of the day, or week.

Cup Filling Affirmation Cards for Kids