It’s not just a nut milk bag… this super handy, multi-purpose bag is a great tool for creating the smoothest plant-based milks, pulp-free juices, nutritious sprouts, cold brew coffee, creamy labneh + so much more!


Crafted from nylon with a fine weave for superb straining. This nut milk bag is U-shaped without corners for easy cleaning.

  • Reusable & long lasting
  • Food grade BPA free nylon
  • Quick drying
  • Machine washable


With this nut milk bag you can make your own fresh and nutritious milk with your favourite nuts and seeds! You can also use the versatile nut milk bag to create your favourite fresh juices, for making ghee and for sprouting! It can be used repeatedly and is faster and easier than trying to use a strainer.

Make your own delicious nut milk by soaking your favourite nuts (or seeds) for 4-8 hours with fresh, filtered water. Once the nuts (or seeds) have been soaked, blend them with fresh, filtered water and strain through the nut milk bag. Fresh nut milk has not been pasteurised, thus making it packed with enzymes and nutrition.

Using your nut milk bag when juicing - After blending your favourite fruits or veggies, simply place the leftover pulp into the nut milk bag and squeeze. This avoids wasting lost juice and is very handy when travelling!

Nut Milk Bag