Botanical Name:Taraxacum officinale


A member of the large Asteraceae plant family, dandelions can be found worldwide.

Well-known for being edible in their entirety the valuable nutritional values of dandelion’s have made them popular for both their culinary and healing properties.


In the root alone, the following medicinal benefits can be found:

Diuretic – Dandelion root is known as a natural diuretic to help treat water retention, also referred to as edema which can cause swelling of the feet, ankles, legs, fingers, hands and arms.

Antirheumatic – Dandelion root contains a range of phytochemicals that act as an anti-rheumatic which can help ease swelling and inflammation.

Laxative – Taken as a laxative tonic, dandelion root can help those suffering from constipation and benefit your overall digestive health.

Hepatic – Dandelion has traditionally been used to treat liver disorders and research has shown that used over time can improve liver function.

Depurative – Taking dandelion root for its depurative properties is a natural cleansing method for the kidneys and liver.

Anti-inflammatory - The anti-inflammatory effect of dandelion root can help those suffering from conditions that cause inflammatory symptoms. Acting as a cleansing agent, dandelion root is also known to reduce the inflammatory symptoms of skin conditions including acne, psoriasis and eczema.

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