A delightful instant organic miso soup. This packet contains Miso paste & dried garnish packed separately. No MSG, no added colours or preservatives.


No MSG, no added colours or preservatives, fresh miso paste with freeze dried garnishes; tofu, spinach and shallot. The beautiful flavour from Kombu seaweed (kelp) and bonito.


Ingredients: (Miso paste) organic soybeans, organic rice, water, organic cooking sake, salt, alcohol, organic soy sauce, yeast extract, koji culture, organic sugar, kelp powder, dried bonito powder, dried frigate mackerel powder. (Garnish) organic spinach, organic tofu, organic green onion.


Allergy information:

Soy, wheat, gluten, fish (may contain traces of nuts and seeds, milk, eggs, shellfish).


Origin: Japan.


Organic Miso Soup Instant Sachets - 3 serves

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    Perth, Western Australia