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Organic cacao is picked from the tree and undergoes a natural fermentation process within it’s fruit like pod before it’s bean are extracted. The beans are then dried, have their shells removed and are crushed into a paste. This paste is then cold pressed to separate the oils (cacao butter) from the fibre which is finely milled and turned into velvety cacao powder.

Eaten and cultivated by the ancient Mayans, cacao is considered a 'superfood' that will leave you feeling happy and revitalised. It is rich in antioxidants, and contains goodness such as magnesium, calcium, copper, zinc and more.Organic cacao powder is the less processed and highly nutritious alternative to cocoa powder, which is used to make chocolate.


Unlike cocoa powder, cacao has not been processed at high temperatures and therefore is able to lock in its high nutrient qualities. To use, simply substitute cacao into any baking, cooking or beverage recipe calling for cocoa powder.

Origin: Peru

Organic Raw Cacao Powder - 750g

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