Did you know Vanilla is the fruit of an orchid? The vanilla variety comes from the orchid’s name with the two most popular types of vanilla beans in the world being Planifolia Vanilla and Tahitensis Vanilla.

These vanilla bean pods are the planifolia kind, sometimes referred to as Bourbon vanilla beans. They are long and slender with a distinctive aroma, described as rich, fruity, sweet and buttery with hints of caramel. They have a thick and oily skin and an abundance of seeds.

Grade: Premium, Gourmet Quality Grade A

Average bean length: 15-18cm

Average weight per bean: 4 -6g

Storage: Store in an airtight container, in a cool dry place with low humidity and good ventilation and protect from light.


Organic Vanilla Planifolia Pods.

Product of Papua New Guinea

Organic Vanilla Beans - Planifolia Grade A (2 pods)