Vanilla Mini Marshmallows - 75g
Vegantic Large Pink and White Vanilla Marshmallows - 105g

Freedom Mallows Vanilla Mallows
Freedom Mallow's vegan vanilla marshmallows are fantastic in your hot chocolate or incorporated in your baking. They're delightfully soft and sweet, perfect for your sweet tooth.
GMO free Egg & dairy free
Gluten & Gelatine free
No artificial flavourings
No artificial colours
Vegetarian & vegan friendly
Nut & tree nut free
Soy free
Freedom Confectionary have spent 10 years in research to become the second producer of gelatin-free marshmallows worldwide. They're vegan-friendly, made up of natural ingredients and free of allergens so you can enjoy their delicious treats no matter what your dietary requirements are.

Vegan Marshmallows