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This is the Ultimate Homeopathic Travel Kit, put together by Homeopathy at Home.


Whether it's a cold that threatens to spoil your holiday, anxiety about flying, mosquito bites, sunburn, over-indulgence, an infection from cutting your foot on coral, travel sickness or an injury/accident - you'll be covered with these 10, incredible homeopathic remedies. Don't get caught out without them. These kits are $55 each and contain all 10 of the remedies below. There are over 60 pillules in each of the bottles, which is about 30 doses per bottle.


1. Aconite – This incredible remedy is great for nipping colds in the bud, fever, ear infections and any other sudden onset illnesses, especially due to exposure to cold. Also a great remedy for fear of travel/flying.

2. Apis – Bites and stings such as bee stings, allergic reactions, anaphylaxis, redness, swelling.

3. Arnica – It would simply be impossible to travel without this essential remedy. Arnica is excellent for accidents, injuries, bumps, bruises, bleeding and shock. It is even useful for jetlag.

4. Arsenicum – Food poisoning, vomiting, stomach upsets, diarrhea, stomach cramps etc. Arsenicum can also be used as prophylaxis on a daily basis while travelling, to protect against stomach upsets.

5. Cocculus – Cocculus can be used as a multi-purpose remedy for motion sickness, jet lag and sleep disturbances associated with travel.

6. Hepar Sulph – Infected wounds, barking, rattly cough, boils, styes, cold sores.

7. Kali Phos – The “nerve nutrient” – helps to calm the nervous system, adjust to the change of a new environment, helps with the stress of travel. A wonderful remedy for stress and anxiety.

8. Ledum – Mosquito/insect bites. Puncture wounds and anti-tetanus remedy. Take 1 dose daily while travelling to reduce susceptibility to mosquito bites.

9. Nux Vomica – Over-indulgence, hang-over, eating too much rich food or foods you wouldn’t normally eat.

10. Sol – Can be taken every 30 minutes during sun exposure to prevent sunburn (depending on your skin type). It can also be used to treat sunburn.


**comes in red, blue, black or purple packs, luck of the draw, or comment with preference and we’ll do our best**

Homeopathic Travel Kit

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