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A Practical Guide to Achieving Your Goals to Live Your Desired Life...
Living your Desired Life...Goal Set and Core Belief Transformation

This book will help you to find focus, determination, a practical plan and generous tips along the way. Dedicated to those looking to fulfill their potential and live a life which dreams are made of.


Here is a practical guide which allows you to get to know yourself better, set goals and allow them to unfold in sensational steps. Included are opportunities to write out in full your mission statement, intention, values and definition of success (and keep them all in one spot).

Filled with goal setting, practical tips and ending with a comprehensive exploration of your core beliefs. The core belief exploration is in 4 pillar areas of your life; health, home, wealth and relationships. This allows you to work on how to identify and release old patterns, in these areas, in order to create new ones and manifest the life of your dreams.  We want to see you heal and prosper!

Living Your Desired Life - Goal Setting Book, Rowena Hateley

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