Honest to Goodness Organic Maple Butter is a deliciously decadent nut-free and dairy-free spread. Made from pure Canadian maple syrup, it makes an indulgent toast and pancake topping or adds a subtle sweetness when mixed into porridge.

Maple butter is deliciously sweet and can be used as a butter substitute or dairy and nut-free spread, on top of pancakes or mixed into porridge. You can also experiment with the delicate flavour in sweet treats and your favourite baked recipes.

You may find a liquid layer of maple on top, give the jar a gentle stir before using.

Honest to Goodness Maple Butter is pure and natural, made from a single ingredient – Canadian maple syrup. The syrup is heated to boil and then quickly cooled and stirred to a smooth and creamy consistency.


100% pure maple syrup.

Product of Canada

Organic Maple Butter - 250g