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Organic Stoneground White Spelt Flour - a premium flour that's perfect for all your baking needs! This flour is made using traditional stone milling techniques, resulting in fine bran and a stronger, more flavourful taste. Unlike roller-milled flours, our stoneground spelt flour retains more nutrients and flavour, making it a healthier and tastier choice.

Our spelt flour is made from 100% Australian-grown spelt and is organic, unbleached, and chemical-free. We're proud to say that our flour is non-GMO and preservative-free, ensuring the highest quality possible.

The Organic Stoneground White Spelt Flour is versatile and perfect for a range of baked goods, from sourdough and bread to pizza bases and cakes. The taste profile is described as having a strong cereal flavour, which will add depth and complexity to your baked creations.

Choose our Organic Stoneground White Spelt Flour for a premium, healthier, and tastier baking experience.


Origin: Australia

Organic Unbleached White Spelt Flour

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