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"On a warm, luscious island near the city of Perth lives little Quokka the Rocker, the happiest creature on Earth. He's on a quest to stardom, but it's not as easy as it seems. A tale of determination & adventure, as Quokka chases his wildest dreams."


Written and Illustrated in Australia by Rosalie Shaw.


Quokka the Rocker is an inspiring story about a determined little marsupial named Quokka. The book encourages children to identify their dreams and teaches the importance of chasing them.


Quokka sets out on an adventure to become a famous rockstar. But when he finds himself bouncing amongst broccoli in the back of a truck, he realises that the journey to fame isn’t such a smooth ride…literally.


With a lot of determination and a little encouragement from a new four-legged friend, Quokka perseveres and travels across Australia to achieve his ultimate dream.

Quokka The Rocker, Rosalie Shaw

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