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100% Natural and Authentic Rose Quartz Crystal Yoni Egg. Does not contain chemicals or artificial treatment.


What is a Yoni Egg?


Yoni egg, jade egg, or love egg – are names for a beautiful semiprecious stone carved into an egg shape and polished to be worn inside the vagina. It's a great tool for kegel exercises and strengthening the pelvic floor as well as promoting and maintaining sexual health and well being. It's also widely known to promote better orgasms and more fulfilling sex. The Yoni Egg is also an ancient, sacred tool for spiritual transformation. Each crystal has unique properties that can affect your body in many different ways.


Rose Quartz:


There are many benefits of using Rose Quartz. Here are some to name a few:

  • Opens your heart so that you become receptive.
  • If you have loved and lost, it comforts your grief.
  • Releases unexpected emotions and heartache and transmutes emotional conditioning that no longer serves
  • Soothes internalized pain and heals deprivation.
  • Teaches you how to love yourself.
  • Encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance.
  • Invokes self-trust and self-worth.
  • Strengthens empathy and sensitivity and aids the acceptance of necessary change.
  • Enhances positive affirmations and reminds you of your intention.


How do I use my Yoni Egg?


The drilled hole at the top of the egg can be used to tie through string to remove the egg with ease (like you would a tampon). We recommend using un-waxed, un-minted string as it is strong and hygienic. Simply insert the Yoni Egg gently into the Yoni. Make sure you change the string each time you use it. 


Measurement: Approx 25x35mm (Small Size)


This Yoni Egg is Drilled

Rose Quartz Crystal Yoni Egg - Small

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