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SWB Guidance Cards and Journal Bundle


The Secret Women's Business Guidance Cards

The 44 Secret Women's Business Cards are a stellar gift, perfect for you and your business. Designed as an oracle tool and created to assist you to make wise and insightful decisions for your business. Progress your business using guidance and wisdom, each day; it's like having a business coach in your corner 24/7. 

Each card reading will assist you to gain an understanding of the opportunities, possibilities  and choices open to you, prompting you to make wiser decisions!  Cards include messages like Divine Timing, Financial Review, Yes and Saying No. These cards allow you to act with insight, while empowering you to grow in wisdom. Gain confidence and clarity as you and your business soar. 

Rowena's recommendation is to pose your question (for the best results)... "Is it in my best interest and highest good to...?"


Improve you productivity and effectiveness using...

The Secret Women's Business Companion Journal

Write and reflect with purpose in your Companion Journal.  Spend a few moments writing down your thoughts, feelings and inspired actions, gleamed from your Secret Women's Business card reading.
The Secret Women's Companion Journal allows you to create a written plan so that you can come back to it and review it often.
How are you progressing?  Are you following your guidance?  Which cards are repeating themselves?
This companion journal allows you to create a written plan that has attitude and is as effective and productive as reviewing your goals! Not sure how effective reviewing your goals are?


Look for the top tips on goal setting in the 'Living your Desired Life, Goal Setting Book" also available from Little Miss Organic

Secret Women's Business - Cards/Journal Bundle

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