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"Today’s world is so different to the world our parents and grandparents lived in. They didn’t have the problems we’re facing today and to survive we have to make ourselves aware of what is driving the ever increasing illness and disease all around us.

Why is there so much disease, why is it that everyone lives with a condition they would prefer not to have? In fact more than half the population has at least one chronic health condition.

This is not right!

What are we doing wrong? What has changed?

Not all disease has to be permanent. NO REASON FOR DISEASE with The Gut Man, Don Chisholm, presents why we have so much disease, what we can do to reduce it and how we even start to prevent it."


Thursday 6th February at 7pm  |  Event Cinemas Innaloo

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_What on earth is that__ we hear you ask

Humans were designed to squat! Ethically produced to transform your toilet


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Tyler's Colon Cleanse will give you an energy boost and long-lasting results in just a few days

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This is where we share our passion for health and wellness. Through aiming to live a low tox and sustainable lifestyle, we hope to inspire and be inspired by our Little Miss Organic friends and family.


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Most of our recipes are gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free!

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