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HELLO there! We're so glad you've found us! :)

If you've been looking for quality, affordable organic food, all in one location that doesn't break the bank, that's totally what we do!

If you value sustainable farming practices and want to contribute to the regeneration of our land and soils rather than the degradation, then we totally feel you! 

If you want to support your family's health by consciously deciding what you put in and on your body and in and on your home, then we've gotcha! 

If you're looking for low-tox, natural products that are safe for the whole family, then we would love to help you! 


With a passion for health and wellness, we created Little Miss Organic to make organic products more affordable and accessible for our fellow Perthians. What makes us insanely unique is that we personally use, love and recommend each and every product we stock so we've done the trialling, testing and product research for you! Here you'll find absolutely NO artificial colours, flavours, numbers or GMO! 

Based in Perth, Western Australia


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Healthy Colon, Healthy Body

_What on earth is that__ we hear you ask

Humans were designed to squat! Ethically produced to transform your toilet


Tyler Tolman's CC

Tyler's Colon Cleanse will give you an energy boost and long-lasting results in just a few days

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